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2012-2013 Undergraduate Catalog 
2012-2013 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Computer Science and Software Engineering

Richard LeBlanc, PhD, Chair


The computer science program seeks to prepare students for careers that require sophisticated programming and computer applications in industrial, scientific, technical or educational settings, and to incorporate into the program the principles and techniques of software engineering. The program provides solid foundations for understanding the changing roles of computers in society and encourages students to apply their knowledge to solving a variety of problems through laboratory and project activities.

Recognizing that different people study computer science for different reasons, the department offers both bachelor of science and bachelor of arts degrees. The bachelor of science in computer science (BSCS) degree program provides a rigorous professional, technical educational background, appropriate for a career in software development or for entry into graduate study in computer science. A general option is available, as well as two specializations, the bachelor of science in computer science with a specialization in mathematics, and the bachelor of science in computer science with specialization in business. These specialized options within the BSCS degree program enable students to develop greater interdisciplinary expertise which will better equip them for jobs demanding such skills in the workplace.

The bachelor of arts (BA) degree program offers a sound foundation in computer science courses, while allowing greater flexibility in determining an area of application of the acquired computing skills. It is an excellent preparation for students interested in professional careers involving computer applications in less technical areas such as business or education.

Both the BSCS and BA degree programs require that all students complete a capstone experience, the year-long senior software engineering project which requires students to work in small groups to complete a substantial software system project, working with a faculty advisor and a sponsoring organization from business or industry. In addition to the bachelor’s degree programs, the department offers a computer science minor, as well as computer literacy courses.

Departmental Requirements

A grade of C (2.00) is required in all CPSC courses that are prerequisites to other required CPSC courses. Only courses graded C (2.00) or higher may be transferred to satisfy degree requirements. Transfer credits in the major require departmental approval. The MATH 134 , MATH 135 , MATH 136  sequence can be fulfilled by any three quarter or two semester calculus sequence from which Seattle University accepts the first course or courses as substitutes for MATH 134  and MATH 135 . Both the cumulative grade point average and grade point average for major/department courses completed at Seattle University must be at least 2.50 for graduation.