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2017-2018 Graduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Changes made to the catalog after initial publication are listed here in order of date changed within each category:
 Course Changes
MKTG 5170, 5300, 5310, 5320, 5325, 5330, 5335, 5340, 5345, 5350: prerequisite corrected   5/9/17   KG
SOCW 5610 description revised   7/19/17   KG
BUAN 5950 description added   9/19/17   KG
SDAD 5640, 5650, 5660: changed to variable credit   1/10/18   KG
BUAN 5510: prerequisite changed   2/12/18   KG
 Program Changes
Post-graduate certificates in NURS updated   5/12/17   KG
Certificate in Finance elective list corrected   5/24/17   KG
Certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship revised   5/24/17   KG
MPAC/MSF elective list corrected   5/25/17   KG
MPAC/MSF FINC elective list corrected   6/26/17   KG
EDLR Concentration area credit requirement corrected   7/27/17   KG
Post-Graduate Certificates in NURS updated   8/1/17   KG
Note regarding IS 5325 as elective option for MSBA added   9/13/17   KG
MED and MA Student Development requirements revised   1/22/18   KG
DNP - NURS 6907 removed as requirement   6/8/18   KG
FINC 5345 added as elective option to MSBA/MSF   5/2/19   KG
Master of Arts in Psychology Core credit total corrected   5/30/19   KG
EdS SPED: replaced SPED 5490 with SPED 5900 per curriculum revision for SPED and discontinuation of 5490   9/6/19   KG
MSBA/MSF: removed FINC 5050 and 5100 from list of MSBA Electives (these are required for degree, cannot also be electives)   11/30/20   KG
NURS 6990: note added to indicate course is optional   12/4/20   KG
 Other Changes
Transcript fees updated   5/19/17   KG
Reservation and Rights clarified   5/23/17   KG
Repeat Policy clarified   6/1/17   KG
Incomplete Grade policy clarified   6/1/17   KG
University Administration page updated   7/10/17   KG
Admissions requirement to DNP for RN/BSN/APNI applicants slightly revised   7/25/17   KG
Executive Leadership Program description revised   8/11/17   KG
University Administration page updated   9/5/17   KG
University Administration page updated   9/21/17   KG
College of Nursing Associate Dean for Graduate Programs updated   11/13/17   KG
School of Theology and Ministry Associate Dean of Academic Affairs updated   11/13/17   KG
Dean of Students updated   2/6/2018