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2017-2018 Graduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Master in Sport Administration and Leadership

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Degree Requirements:

The MSAL curriculum consists of a set of 4 core courses, at least 1 credit of internship, and a capstone project that are required (16 credits). The remaining 32 credits may be taken from the list of electives and/or courses from other programs. At least 17 elective credits must come from the MSAL and SSL lists. There are two areas of emphasis, Leadership in Sport, or Branding in Sport that can be used as guides for students who wish to emphasize in one of these areas. However, students may choose any classes as needed, being cognizant of prerequisites. The 48-credit program may be completed in two years. At least 1 credit of internship is required, but students may choose the total number of internship credits they wish to apply (up to 10) towards the degree. Three credits of capstone (SADL 5890  or SADL 5990 ) are required. Registration in SADL 5890  or SADL 5990  is required during the quarter specified in the timeline for each particular colloquium option (see MSAL Student Resources Canvas site). With permission, students may transfer up to 9 credits from another educational institution. The pedagogy for the 48-credit degree is learner-centered, with an emphasis on collaborative learning in small groups.

II. Internship

1 credit of internship is required.

III. Program Electives:

Choose 32 credits of electives. A maximum of 9 additional credits of internship beyond the 1 credit required may be taken. An area of emphasis in Strategic Leadership in Sport, Branding in Sport, or Sustainability in Sport Leadership may be chosen by selecting from the specific courses noted below.


  1. Strategic Leadership in Sport suggested courses include: SADL 5050 , 5080 , 5110 5122 , 5150 , 5180 , 5950  (Management Internship)
  2. Branding in Sport suggested courses include: SADL 5060 , 5070 , 5080 , 5110 , 5140 , 5160 , 5180 5950  (Marketing Internship)
  3. Sustainability in Sport Leadership suggested courses include: SADL 5200 , 5220 5240 5260 5895  
  4. A maximum of 15 credits from other graduate programs may apply with advisor approval.

Minimum credits required for the degree: (48)

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