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2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Women and Gender Studies with Departmental Honors, BA


Women and Gender Studies Program Honors offers the opportunity for motivated majors to engage in intensive interaction with faculty members and to complete engaging and challenging individual resarch projects that will further their personal and professional goals as they relate to women and gender studies and issues. All honors students are supervised by the program coordinator, while they are mentored by a selected faculty mentor on their individual projects.

Application to the Major: To be selected for women and gender studies program honors the student must have senior standing and a minimum general and women studies major/program grade point average of 3.50. Eligible students will receive a letter of invitation to apply for women and gender studies program honors during spring of their junior year.

Completion of the Major: During senior year, women and gender studies program honors students will take the women and gender studies honors course sequence (WGST 4770  for three credits in fall quarter;

  for four credits in winter quarter;   for three credits in spring quarter) under the direction of their faculty mentor, while their overall honors program is supervised by the program coordinator. The 10 credits earned in this program honors sequence are in addition to the 55 credits required to earn a major in women studies. Expectations of students selected for program honors include completing an honors thesis on an original topic related to women and gender studies issues. Students who commit themselves to program honors must complete their thesis project with a minimum grade of A- and present their projects orally on a date and time to be determined by the Director of Women and Gender Studies and the Honors Project Coordinator. Students who complete program honors must earn 65 credits in courses that meet Women and Gender Studies requirements (10 more than the usual major requirement and earn a cumulative and major/program grade point average of 3.50).

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Women and Gender Studies, BA