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2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Humanities, BA


The Bachelor of Arts with a major in Humanities degree offers an opportunity for an accelerated course of study, one that constitutes both a core and a major. The coursework invites students to learn from local, national, and global voices. It explores major themes of meaning, justice, and identity. It also cultivates ethical awareness, artistic and creative sensibility, and effective communication skills.

Structure and Special Admissions Requirements

Eligibility for the Humanities program includes students who meet any one of the following requirements:

  • Earn AP, IB, College in the High School, or Running Start credit in English Composition, math, lab science and/or fine arts.
  • Are from O’Dea, Archbishop Murphy, Kennedy Catholic, Forest Ridge, and Eastside Catholic and have taken Matteo Ricci College equivalent classes.
  • Complete a Matteo Ricci College course at Seattle Prep or Verbum Dei through Jesuit Virtual Learning Academy (JVLA).

First time in College Applicants to the MRC Humanities program who do not currently attend a consortium school must show assessment in one of four academic areas: English, mathematics, fine arts, or laboratory science.

The following options note the methods through which these assessments may be met:

  • College credits earned in one of the four academic areas through dual enrollment programs such as Running Start. See Seattle University’s transfer credit policy for more information.
  • College credits earned in one of the four academic areas through College Board Advanced Placement exams. See Seattle University’s Advanced Placement credit policy for exams and scores accepted at Seattle University.
  • College credits earned in one of the four academic areas through the International Baccalaureate exam. See Seattle University’s IB Diploma policy for college credit eligibility.

Applicants should submit their college transcripts or exam scores to Seattle University with their application materials. Prospective students should indicate coursework or exams that are in progress under the “Additional Information” section of the Common Application.    

Program Requirements

All students are expected to make normal progress toward completing the required courses in sequence. They must maintain a cumulative academic grade point average of 2.00* or higher. Students failing to meet these expectations will be placed on probation for up to two consecutive quarters, and thereafter are subject to dismissal from the College.

Peer advisors, overseen by the Director of Advising serve as the principal advisors to all BA with a major in humanities students on academic matters. No student in the College may register for any Seattle University course without first consulting and receiving written permission from a peer advisor or the Director of Advising. Students are required to seek additional advising from faculty with disciplinary expertise in the area of specialized studies selected (see Area of Concentration below). Students who are contemplating studying for two degrees in four years are required to declare the second degree and be assigned an additional advisor from within that school as soon as possible.


In order to earn the bachelor of arts with a major in humanities through Matteo Ricci College, students must complete 135 quarter credits with a cumulative grade point average of 2.00*, including the following:

II. Additional MRC Core Requirements: 20 credits

IV. Area of Concentration: 40 to 45 credits

  • Concentration in a single discipline (40)
  • Concentration in a pre-professional area (e.g., pre-medical, pre-dental, pre-law, nursing, business, engineering, etc.) (45)
  • Concentration in a coordinated split discipline (20/20)

V. General Electives: 10 to 15 credits

VI. Fourth Year - Second Degree: 45 credits


1. BAH students who have successfully completed an area of concentration may apply the credits earned toward a second baccalaureate degree in certain major fields of study, subject to the approval of the appropriate school, and the university regulation of 45 minimum additional credits for a second baccalaureate degree. Of these additional 45 credits, at least 30 must be completed in the subject of the second degree regardless of the credits already completed in the BAH area of concentration.

2.  Students entering the BAH from the consortium schools must earn 135 credits beyond what was earned in the bridge curriculum on the high school campus. No more than 35 transfer credits can be accepted in fulfillment of the BAH.

*Change to GPA requirement from 2.25 to 2.00 approved in 2018-19 when Matteo Ricci programs joined the College of Arts and Sciences.