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2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog 
2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

International Business Minor


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Students seeking the minor must take as part of their university core, major, or minor requirements, the following:

Supplemental Activities

Choose one activity from the following four:

  • Demonstrate competency through the 1350 level in a language other than English by successful course completion or acceptable performance on the Modern Language Competency Examination.  The course may not be taken on a pass-fail, correspondence, or audit basis.  Competency in languages not offered by the Modern Language Department may be acceptable if approved by the International Business Program Director and demonstrated to the Modern Language Department.
  • Complete a 3-5 credit internship (or the equivalent on a not-for-credit basis) with a company involved in international business pre-approved by the International Business Program Director.  See the Albers Placement Center regarding for-credit internships and the International Academic Advisor regarding not-for-credit internships.
  • Participate in an international experience pre-approved by the International Business Programs Director.  May include studies abroad, SU short-term summer field study, or other international experiences pre-approved by the International Business Programs Director.  Only coursework verified through the Education Abroad course approval process will be eligible to earn transfer credit towards the SU degree.
  • Participation in Seattle University’s International Development Internship Program may satisfy 5 credits of minor electives.


1. Courses used toward a minor in international business are subject to the same grade minimums as those in an international business major. 2. Students applying for the minor are required to take at least 20 credits in international business at Seattle University. See policy for minors (84-1 ) for more information.