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2015-2016 Graduate Catalog 
2015-2016 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Master of Software Engineering

Degree Requirements

Minimum requirements for the degree are 47 graduate credits. These include 26 credits of required courses, 12 credits of elective courses, and 9 credits of software engineering project. A maximum of 3 credits of 59XX courses may be taken toward the MSE degree without department approval. A maximum of 12 credits taken in non-matriculated status may be applied to this program. Transfer credit regulations are described earlier in this Catalog . All degree requirements must be completed within six years after course work has begun.

I. Preparatory Courses

The following preparatory course is required for the program. Students may be waived from this course if they have prior equivalent coursework or work experience.  A test may be necessary to determine proficiency.


*SEGR 5031  may be waived for students passing a placement exam and replaced with an additional elective.


In addition to the above courses, students may take a maximum of three credits of Special Topics (SEGR 5910), Independent Study (SEGR 5960, 5970, 5980), or Internship (SEGR 5950) for elective credit, without department approval. Students may take up to six credits of graduate courses from other programs with department approval. Approved MBA courses include such topics as leadership, entrepreneurship, high tech marketing, and management of change. Approved CPSC courses may also be taken to fulfill the elective requirement.


Satisfactory performance in the three-quarter software engineering project sequence (SEGR 5850 , 5860 , and 5870 ) is required of all MSE students. Students are grouped into teams that complete a significant software project. Students who are not full-time are expected to take only the project sequence in their final year. Students are encouraged not to begin the software engineering project sequence unless SEGR 5870 will be their final course in the program. All participants in the project sequence will be required to sign a Seattle University intellectual property (IP) and computer project room agreement, and may be required to sign an IP agreement with the project sponsor.

Minimum credits required for degree (47)