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2012-2013 Undergraduate Catalog 
2012-2013 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Global Awareness Program

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Thomas W. Taylor, PhD, Director


The Global Awareness Program (GAP) is a two-year specialization designed to help deepen, integrate and synthesize students’ interests in and awareness of the complex world they live in and to better prepare them to participate in the challenges of the twenty-first century. It is a “value added” specialization program that can be integrated into any major. It is a program for motivated and dedicated students who want to certify their global experiences and interests.

Admission and Program Description 

GAP is a two-year program for students of sophomore, junior and senior standing. It is structured on a cohort model. Each cohort will be comprised of approximately fifteen students drawn from various Colleges, Schools, and departments. Students from programs who do not have global awareness as part of their curricular requirements will be given higher consideration. Students interested in participating must have a GPA of at least 2.50 at the time of their application.

Those wishing to participate will be asked to write a short essay explaining what being globally aware means to them and their goals for participating in the program. This essay will be used to both help the director select the cohort for that year’s GAP class and form the foundation for the student’s reflection and synthesis of their GAP experience which is a critical part of the program. The application process will be scheduled so that accepted students can be notified before registration for the following academic year.

Students will be accepted into the program based on meeting the application criteria and their essay. Cohort will be selected from the applicant pool to reflect the disciplinary diversity of the College of Arts and Sciences.  Students who are accepted into the program are expected to participate for two years (junior and senior years). Each quarter they will meet with the GAP director to plan which requirements they will accomplish in that quarter. Each quarter they will register for the appropriate GAP course. Students who fail to make adequate progress toward the completion of their activity’s program will receive no credit for the quarter. If students fail to make adequate progress toward completion of their GAP certificate for two quarters they will be dismissed from the program.

Program Requirements

Students in the GAP specialization program will fulfill a combination of academic and co-curricular requirements. GAP students will keep a portfolio of their activities and reflections that must be submitted to the GAP director for review to verify program completion.


Students who are involved in an approved study abroad activity will take these courses as independent study, supervised by the program director. 

II. Electives

15 credits of GAP designated electives from at least three different disciplines.

IV. Co-Curricular Activities

Students will choose from the following activities for a total of 40 points minimum:

  • Lectures, Public and Artistic Presentations: Attend five lectures or public events that have a strong international focus. Activities can be both on and off-campus. Students will be expected to write up a short report (approximately 250 words in length) and submit it to the GAP director to receive points for their activity. 5 points each.
  • Club Membership and Activities:Participate in a co-curricular University organization or club that has a strong international focus, such as International Studies Club, Xavier Global House, etc. Students will be expected to be able to demonstrate active involvement in this club and write a short report about their activities. Students must be involved for at least two quarters. Students must write an essay reflecting on their club involvement. 10 points. Club officers will receive 15 points for their participation.
  • International Student Partner Program:Students may establish a partnership with an international student. Partnerships would be at least two quarters long and students would be expected to meet regularly to exchange information and experiences about each other’s culture. Partnerships will be arranged through the International Student Center. Partnerships must be maintained for at least two quarters. A written evaluation of your partnership will be required upon its completion. 10 points.

V. Global Engagement

A University approved Service Learning project is required, Study and/or Travel Abroad is highly recommended. 50 points minimum required in this area:

  • Service Learning Project (25 points)

    Integral to Seattle University’s commitment to Global Education is its call to social engagement and activism. All GAP students must participate in a University-approved Service Learning project that has been designated to meet GAP requirements. Students will be expected to write a short evaluation of their Service Learning Project.

    • Committed to the belief that global awareness starts at home GAP students may choose to fulfill their Service Learning commitment by volunteering to work with an international and/or multicultural community in the Seattle area. The Center for Service and Community Engagement (CSCE) is available to help students identify an appropriate project.
    • Seattle University offers numerous international service learning opportunities. Many are integrated with study abroad classes, are available through campus ministry or through Seattle University’s International Development Internship Program (IDIP).

  • Study and/or Travel Abroad (25 points)

    Travel to and immersion in a foreign culture is a critical component of global awareness. (Note: While Seattle University strongly encourages all students to travel internationally it also recognizes that not all students will be able to do so. Students that do not have the opportunity for international travel may fulfill this requirement by adding a second service learning project or taking two more approved classes and participating in more co-curricular activities totaling an additional 10 points.)

    • Seattle University Study Abroad Program. Students must write an essay reflective on their study abroad experience.
    • Individual Travel- Students traveling abroad for a minimum of two weeks may receive points for their experience. Travel must be approved by the GAP director prior to undertaking trip and a written reflection of the travel experience must be submitted after its completion.10 to 15 points for each trip depending on length of trip and academic content. Maximum of two individual trips.
    • International Students may fulfill their study abroad requirement by being an International Student Expert. Students will act as resources/experts who would be willing to share knowledge about their country and culture with academic and campus organizations that request it. They would be expected to be available for at least two quarters. Students would be listed as a resource through the International Student Center. Students must write an essay reflecting on their activities. 25 points.

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