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2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Charles Tung, PhD, Chair
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Through a wide range of course offerings the Department of English seeks to develop each student’s capacity for reading and writing - the intense, concerned involvement with textual expression. The interpretation of texts in all their formal, cultural, and historical complexity requires the integration of many kinds of knowledge and the development of a wide variety of critical reading, thinking, and writing skills. Responding with texts of one’s own requires skills of invention, arrangement, control of tone, and mastery of style.

The department offers two majors, in literature and in creative writing, that share a foundation of reading skills development and a knowledge of British and American literary history. Upper-division literature courses develop, at two levels, research and writing skills and an applied knowledge of literary theory that are essential to successful scholarly work. The department also offers, for majors and non-majors, a growing number of creative, expository, research, scientific, and both workplace and career-oriented professional writing courses. Students in any major can also minor in Writing Studies.

Beyond the classroom, students have opportunities to undertake departmental honors, contribute to Fragments, our student-led literary journal, participate in the Literary Society, engage professional scholars and creative writers in our Scholars Series and Writers Reading Series, and study abroad.

The department contributes importantly to the university’s mission of developing persons through a liberal education, at the same time that it prepares its majors and others for graduate study and for service in many professions, including law, social work, business, communications, teaching, politics, and foreign service.

NOTE: A student may not earn a major, or major and minor, in both English and English/Creative Writing.


Secondary Endorsement for Teaching English

According to the Washington Code, secondary education teachers must meet minimum standards in a subject area in order to acquire an endorsement to teach in that subject area. Check with an education advisor for current requirements.

The Writing Center

The Writing Center, with its own director and student consultants, offers writing assistance to all students at Seattle University. The Writing Center is managed by the English Department.

Writing and Research Skills

These courses help students from all majors hone their writing skills and develop mature habits of drafting and revision in preparation for upper-division writing assignments in the core or the major. Prerequisites for 2000-level writing courses are UCOR 1100 or equivalent transfer credit. 3000-level writing courses are designed for writers in any discipline who wish to learn advanced strategies for producing effective prose in a variety of academic, civic, or professional contexts. Prerequisites are UCOR 1100 or equivalent transfer credit, plus junior standing or permission of instructor.

ENGL 1010 - Writing from Sources 
ENGL 2100 - Intermediate College Writing 
ENGL 2110 - Writing the Research Paper 
ENGL 2120 - Scientific/Technical Writing 
ENGL 2130 - Grammar and Editing 
ENGL 3040 - Advanced Writing: Argument and Persuasion 
ENGL 3050 - Composition Theory and Practice 
ENGL 3090 - Tutoring Writing: Theory and Practice  


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