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2012-2013 Undergraduate Catalog 
2012-2013 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Jeffrey Boersema, PhD, Chair


The Mathematics Department offers three distinct programs. The first two are very flexible programs that provide for work in a secondary field and lead to either the bachelor of arts or the bachelor of science degree. The bachelor of arts degree includes a choice of a specialization in humanities for teaching. The third program, leading to the bachelor of science in mathematics degree, prepares the student for advanced study and professional work in mathematics. For this third degree program, the student chooses a specialization in pure, actuarial, or applied mathematics.

Advanced Placement in Calculus

Students who have completed a college-level course in calculus in high school and have taken the advanced placement test in calculus of the College Entrance Examination Board may petition the department for placement on the basis of their test results. Advanced placement and credit may be granted to students whose test scores are 3 or above. Advanced placement may also be obtained through departmental testing.

Proper Sequence for Taking Courses

The normal sequence of elementary mathematics courses is MATH 110 ; MATH 118  or MATH 120 ; MATH 130  or MATH 131  or MATH 134 . A student who has received a 2.00 or better in any course of this sequence or its equivalent cannot subsequently receive credit for a course that appears before it in the sequence. A student may not receive credit for more than two courses among MATH 107 , MATH 110 , and MATH 200 . A student may not receive credit for more than one course from each of the following groups: MATH 118  and MATH 120 ; MATH 130 , MATH 131 , and MATH 134 ; MATH 141  and MATH 244  ; MATH 244  and MATH 351 . A student who has taken MATH 130  or MATH 131  and, due to a change of major, is required to take MATH 134  as preparation for MATH 135  will receive credit for both MATH 130  (or MATH 131 ) and MATH 134 . In these cases credit for MATH 134  will be contingent on completing MATH 135  with a 2.00 or better.