Apr 15, 2024  
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Changes made to the catalog after initial publication are listed here in order of date changed within each category.
Course Changes
ORGL 4960 added   7/28/2021   KG
PHIL 4200, 4450, 4620, 4640, 4850: pre-requisite corrected, added 2500 after “UCOR”.   10/26/2021   KG
PHIL 3770: removed PHIL 210/220 (old courses) from pre-requisite   10/26/2021   KG
Program Changes
BA, Digital Technology and Cultures removed   7/23/2021   KG
BA, Organizational Leadership removed   7/23/2021   KG
Certificate in Web Development removed   7/23/2021   KG
BA, Criminal Justice, Forensic Science specialization: Core Global Challenges requirement corrected to UCOR 3400 and 3800   3/17/2022   KG
Other Changes
Director updated: University Honors Program   7/13/2021   KG
Chair updated: Performing Arts and Arts Leadership Department   7/13/2021   KG
Chair updated: Math Department   7/13/2021   KG
School of New and Continuing Studies removed   7/23/2021   KG
Discipline Codes: DICE, ORGL WATS removed   7/23/2021   KG
Discipline Code: ORGL added   7/28/2021   KG
Criminal Justice, Criminology and Forensics Department name updated   7/30/2021   KG
PLSC 3280 added to Political Theory and Law field options   9/7/2021   KG
College of Nursing Introduction: refererence to MSN removed   10/5/2021   KG
Faculty information added to faculty page   10/12/2021   KG
Chair updated: Math Department   10/22/2021   KG
Added program codes for minors with University Honors   10/28/2021   KG
Corrected Anthropology and Medieval and Early Modern Studies program codes on Minors page   10/28/2021   KG
Director updated: Environmental Science Program   11/15/2021   KG
Advisor updated: Pre-health Studies Program   12/9/2021   KG
Note in Accounting major regarding applying courses towards graduate program corrected to: Master of Science in Accounting and Analytics   2/17/2023   KG