Sep 23, 2020  
2019-2020 Graduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Changes made to the catalog after initial publication are listed here in order of date changed within each category:
 Course Changes
NURS 6014 - credit change   05/06/19   KG
OMBA courses created for online PMBA   05/16/19   KG
OMSBA courses created for online MSBA   05/16/19   KG
OMBA 5000 added   05/23/19   KG
MKTG 5910 - requisites removed   05/29/19   KG
OMSBA 5200 deleted   05/30/19   KG
SCENG 5950 added   06/06/19   KG
ECON 5340 deleted   06/13/19   KG
TEED 5012 - credit changed to variable credits 1 to 13   07/25/19   KG
FINC 5300 - crosslisted course corrected   08/02/19   KG
MATH 5910 added   09/25/19   KG
AEDT 5910 - adjusted to allow credit for multiple sections when topics are different   11/12/19   KG
CEEGR 5950 - added   03/05/20   KG
CEEGR 5960 - added   03/05/20   KG
MEGR 5950 - added   03/05/20   KG
MEGR 5960 - added   03/05/20   KG
 Program Changes
DMin - Area of Concentration credit corrected   05/22/19   KG
Professional Master of Business Administration Online - revised   05/23/19   KG
Master of Science in Business Analytics Online - revised   05/30/19   KG
Master of Professional Accounting - requirements corrected   07/08/19   KG
EdS SPED: SPED 5900 added. Error carried over from past years.   09/06/19   KG
 Other Changes
College of Nursing Associate Deans updated   05/03/19   KG
University Administration updated   07/10/19   KG
University Administration updated   08/07/19   KG
Admissions requirements for Master of Fine Arts in Arts Leadership and Computer Science Fundamentals Certifcate updated   08/30/19   KG
Master in Teaching program chair updated   09/03/19   KG
Fees page: National Student Cleainghouse fee for transcripts updated   09/26/19   KG
Fees page: replacement diploma and rush delivery fees added   09/27/19   KG
College of Education dean updated   09/30/19   KG
English Language and Culture Bridge director updated   10/03/19   KG
Academic Regulations page: added note regarding CR/F option for Independent Study courses   10/16/19   KG
College of Nursing Admissions language regarding categories of applicants updated   12/17/19   KG
Academic Regulations: Full-Time Status for Master’s Degree and Educational Specialist candidates changed from 9 to 6 credits (Policy 77-5)   01/28/20   KG
College of Science and Engineering: updated Associate/Assitant Deans information   02/14/20   KG
Educational Administration, Special Education, School Psychology, Educating Non-Native English Speakers chair updated   03/25/20   KG