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2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

English Language and Culture Bridge

Aleksandra Petrovich, PhD., Director


The English Language and Culture Bridge Program (ELCB ) allows students whose English proficiency scores fall below the level to enter Seattle University without ELCB requirements to begin their studies through this bridge program. The ELCB helps students to increase their understanding of American academic English essential for success in their studies. ELCB courses are highly advanced, with a specific focus on university-level reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Attention is also given to understanding American culture.

Description of Courses

During their first quarter at Seattle University, ELCB freshmen are usually expected to take courses in English Grammar (ELCB 0860 ), Academic Reading and Writing (ELCB 0870 ), Academic Oral Skills (ELCB 0880 ) and one additional class based on the recommendation of their adviser. In their second quarter, first-year students are usually required to take Basic Writing (ENGL 1010 ) and two additional courses.

Students who transfer to Seattle University during their subsequent years of study are expected to take courses that advance their strategic vocabulary and grammar (ELCB 0800 ), reading and writing (ELCB 0900 ), and academic speaking skills (ELCB 0910 ) essential for success in their disciplines. Transfer students with TOEFL scores ranging from 190/520/68 to 210/547/78 (inclusive) are required to take the Academic Vocabulary and Grammar course (ELCB 0800 ) before they can enroll in Advanced Academic Writing (ELCB 0900 ). The course work for transfer students concentrates on American academic language skills and culture and specific preparation for requirements at Seattle University. Undergraduate business majors enrolled in the Albers School of Business are required to take Advanced Academic Oral Skills (ELCB 0910 ) during their first quarter at Seattle University and have the option of taking Advanced Academic Writing (ELCB 0900 ) in the same or the subsequent quarter.

The Program Schedule

The full program is offered during fall, winter and spring quarters. Summer courses are limited to graduate students and transfers.

English Proficiency Admission Requirements (Policy 2008-01)

All non-native English speakers whose TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) scores (or an equivalent test score) are between 190/520/68 and 233/577/91 (inclusive) are required to take the English Language and Culture Bridge Program upon their arrival at Seattle University.

ELCB Placement Essay Test

The ELCB Placement Essay Test allows students an opportunity to demonstrate the quality of their writing. Placement essays are evaluated for language fluency, rhetorical development, logical organization, and sentence structure. Students whose writing skills require additional improvement will take courses in the  English Language and Culture  Bridge Program (ELCB). Students will write the ELCB Placement Essay on the first day in their ELCB writing classes.

ELCB essay test scores will place first-year students into ELCB 0870 . Students whose essays indicate excellent writing skills may be allowed to waive the ELCB writing courses.

Academic Progression

ELCB students’ work is evaluated with the goal of preparing non-native speakers for success in their studies at Seattle University. In keeping with this objective, a student must earn a grade of C - (70%) or better in all ELCB courses required based upon the individual’s TOEFL score and Placement Essay Test. Grades below C- are considered to be insufficient for progression and the ELCB course must be repeated until a grade of C- or better is achieved.

Courses numbered under 100, which include all courses with the ELCB designation, do not count for credit toward an undergraduate degree. Moreover, grades in these courses do not affect a student’s undergraduate GPA. Basic Writing, ENGL 1010  follows the university grading system and a grade of D- or better earns a student five general elective credits toward an undergraduate degree. This course does not, however, satisfy the university core writing requirement.

Tutoring Program

The English Language Learning Center offers free tutoring to Seattle University’s non-native speakers of English.  Students can sign up for one 30-minute appointment per day. Tutoring is offered in the English Language Learning Center Office.