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2015-2016 Graduate Catalog 
2015-2016 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Discipline Codes

Includes undergraduate programs (excludes School of Law)
ACCT Accounting
ADST Addiction Studies
AEDT Adult Education and Training
AIST Asian Studies
ANTH Anthropology
ARTD Art Digital Design
ARTH Art History
ARTL Art Leadership
BETH Business Ethics
BIOL Biology
BLAW Business Law
CEEGR Civil and Environmental Engineering
CHEM Chemistry
CHIN Chinese Language
CISS Contemporary Issues in Social Science
CMJR Communication/Journalism
COUN Education-Counseling
CRJS Criminal Justice
CSSE Computer Science/Software Engr
CUIN Education-Curriculum and Instruction
DICE Digital Cultures
DIUS Diagnostic Ultrasound
ECEGR Electrical and Computer Engineering
ECON Economics
EDAD Educational Administration
EDLR Educational Leadership
EDUC Education
ELCB English Language and Culture Bridge
EMBA Executive Leadership MBA
ENGL English
ENSC Enviornmental Science
EPCT Professional Certifcation for Teachers
EPDXX Professional Development-Post Baccalaureate
EVST Environmental Studies
EXLR Executive Leadership
FINC Finance
FINR Fine Arts
FREN French
GAP Global Awareness Program
GAST Global African Studies
HEMB Health Leadership Executive MBA
HIST History
HMGT Health Management
HONR Humanities (Honors)
HUMT Humanities (Matteo Ricci College)
INBU International Business
INIP International Development Internship Program
INST International Studies
IS Information Systems
ISSC Interdisciplinary Science (See Gen.Sci.)
ITAL Italian
JPAN Japanese
LAST Latin American Studies
LATN Latin
LBST Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies
LITC Literacy for Special Needs
MATH Mathematics
MBA Master of Business Administration
MDLG Modern Languages
MEGR Mechanical Engineering
MGMT Management
MKTG Marketing
MLSC Military Science
MUSC Music
MVST Medieval Studies Minor
NPLR Nonproft Leadership
NURS Nursing
NURSI Nursing (Immersion)
OPER Operations
ORGL Organizational Leadership
PHIL Philosophy
PHOT Photography
PHYS Physics
PLSC Political Science
PSYC Psychology
PUBA Public Affairs
PUBM Public Administration
SABD Study Abroad
SADL Sport Administration and Leadership
SCENG Science and Engineering
SDAD Student Development Administration
SOCL Sociology
SOCW Social Work
SPAN Spanish
SPED Special Education
SPEX Sport and Exercise Science
SPSY Education-School Psychology
STMA School of Theology and Ministry-Advanced Theology
STMC School of Theology and Ministry-Relationship and Pastoral Therapy
STMD School of Theology and Ministry-Doctoral
STML School of Theology and Ministry-Transformational Leadership
STMM School of Theology and Ministry-Core Theology
TEED Teacher Education
THRS Theology and Religious Studies
THTR Theatre
TSOL Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
WATS Web Application and Technology Studies
WGST Women and Gender Studies