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    Seattle University
  Jul 26, 2017
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2012-2013 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Master of Nonprofit Leadership

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Degree Requirements:

The MNPL program requires 51 quarter credits taught through 14 courses offered over 22 months. Electives and/or transferred credits may be substituted if approved by the department. The final required course allows each student to pursue in-depth research on a subject of personal interest.

Program Schedule

Year Summer Intersession Fall Winter Spring
1     NPLR 515  NPLR 535  NPLR 536 
    NPLR 525  NPLR 544  NPLR 537  NPLR 540 
2 NPLR 542    NPLR 538  NPLR 539   
  NPLR 543    NPLR 541  NPLR 547   NPLR 590 

Minimum credits required for degree: (51)

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