Mar 24, 2018  
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog


Changes made to the catalog after initial publication are listed here in order of date changed within each category.
Course Changes
PHYS 2060, 3400, 3630: prerequisites corrected   6/15/17   KG
CPSC 3700: prerequisite corrected   6/23/17   KG
ECEGR 4420: prerequisite corrected   6/23/17   KG
CMME 4200: misspelling in title corrected   9/5/17   KG
MEGR 1050: co-requisite removed   9/6/17   KG
MEGR 1810: co-requisite removed   9/6/17   KG
SOCW 2010: prerequisite removed   1/12/18   KG
WATS 3010: description corrected   1/25/18   KG
MGMT 3820, 3830, 4710, 4770, 4850, 4860, INBU 4860: prerequisite corrected   2/14/18   KG
Program Changes
Business Analytics electives updated   7/14/17   KG
Accounting major note regarding graduate-level courses corrected   8/7/17   KG
Nonprofit and Public Administration minor elective requirement clarified   10/2/17   KG
English University Honors Program Policy clarified   10/3/17   KG
Theatre with Departmental Honors total credits clarified   1/22/18   KG
Other Changes
Transcript fees updated   05/19/17   KG
Reservations and Rights clarified   05/22/17   KG
Incomplete Grade policy clarified   6/1/17   KG
Repeat Policy revised   6/7/17   KG
Organization section of Introduction for College of Arts and Sciences updated   6/8/17   KG
Biology department chair updated   6/12/17   KG
University Administration page updated   7/10/17   KG
Art and Art History department chair updated   8/1/17   KG
Kinesiology department chair updated   8/1/17   KG
Performing Arts and Arts Leadership department chair updated   8/1/17   KG
University Administration page updated   9/5/17   KG
Public Affairs director updated   9/29/17   KG
Albers School of Business and Economics Chairs and Directors updated   10/5/17   KG
Dean of Students updated   2/7/18   KG